Inaugural Meeting!

The Winooski Energy Committee got off to a fabulous start with craft IPA’s, specialty virgin cocktails, french fries with a duet of dipping sauces, and the roaring waterfall as a backdrop.

We came up with some great ideas that we could work on this year, and decided to emphasize a laid-back, fun culture in both our planning sessions and scope of work.

Here are the ideas we came up with:

1. Converting homes with electric heat to gas heat

2. Converting street lights to LED

3. Rallying around a statewide campaign like the Home Energy Challenge, Button Up VT, Way To Go Transportation challenge, etc.

4. Weatherization

5. Nature walks – potential for collaboration with Dream Program

6. Change zoning laws/building code

7. Investigate adding solar to schools/municipal buildings

8. Composting – find a delivery service and help them grow membership.

9. Arrange for tours of Winooki hydro, Williston Waste Center, etc.

10. Increase CCTA ridership

11. Work with schools to engage more of community (CCV or High School Environmental Clubs)

Next steps include the following:

1. Apply for a grant from NEGEF

2. Secure a booth at the farmers market to increase membership, give away branded composting buckets, and hand out a 1 page infographic with interesting statistics/relevant info.

3. Find out if we can get some Nests from Efficiency VT to use for giveaways.

4. Check out Burlington’s Climate Action Plan.

5. Investigate where Winooski energy comes from.

6. Find data on residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial energy use in Winooksi.

7. Reach out to people who could give nature walks.

Join us next month as we take the next step, evaluate the research we’re all doing, and figure out what we want to work on.


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