Recap of June 17 Meeting

Great meeting last Wednesday! Just to recap, we talked about coordinating a compost drop-off at the Farmer’s Market, nature walks, and trying to increase the number of home energy audits/visits. In order to accomplish this we’d like to team up with other micro-communities in Winooski like the Senior Center, Winooski Schools, WCP, and CCV.
1. Composting – We formed a sub-committee to address the composting idea. The next step is to reach out to hauling companies and find out who is responsible for paying for waste disposal at the Farmer’s Market.
2. Nature Walks – We floated the idea of a nature walk including nature identification that ends at Waterworks where we can all get drinks afterwards. I’d love a partner in crime on this project 🙂
3. Energy Seminars – These can be put on at Senior Centers, schools, etc. We’re going to research the VEEP education program to see if Winooski schools already have a VEEP presence. If they do, maybe they can assist us with spreading energy-saving ideas and organizing a seminar. VEIC has offered to assist with this project too.
We’re continuing to stay true to our goals of involving both renters and homeowners, having fun, and making a measurable impact. Thanks again for bringing so much positive energy to the table, and please let me know if you’d like to be involved in any of our ongoing projects. And bring your ideas for other projects to the next meeting!

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