Setting Goals: August Meeting Recap

We had a great meeting at 60 Winooski Falls Way in a gorgeous meeting room. Ideas were shared, goals were set, and we are gearing up for an exciting Fall. Here are the meeting notes:
I. Energy Seminars
  A. Our goal is to conduct one by year end
  B. VEIC has offered to conduct the seminar and hand out LED lights and smart power strips
  C. In order to guarantee a large audience we would like to add this event on to an ongoing event such as a senior center dinner, DWTN Winooski event or a community dinner
     1. We’re looking for ways to communicate with the Refugee Resettlement Program and learn more about upcoming events
     2. We’re seeking sponsors for a community dinner through the WCSPC
     3. We’re reaching out to the Senior Center to see if they’re having any dinners
II. Composting
  A. It was exciting to have a presence at the Farmer’s Market this summer, but we really need a year round option for composting
  B. Winooski’s Public Works department could be good partners in this effort
  C. There may be a way to coordinate with Earth Girl Composting in Montpelier
III. Button-Up Vermont
 A. Instead of trying to create a separate event for this, we’re going to incorporate Button-Up Vermont ideas and material into the seminar

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