LED Giveaway for Button Up VT

This Fall the Winooski Energy Committee is going to be giving out free LED light bulbs as well as information about how to make homes warmer and more comfortable this winter. One event will happen on Saturday, November 11 from 11 AM – 1 PM at the Commodities grocery store in the Winooski circle.

We need your help though! Email me at bonniebwylie@gmail.com if you’d be up for hosting an event and giving away some light bulbs to members of your community. We can get as many light bulbs as we ask for, so let’s help out as many Winooski families as possible. It’s best to find a busy event like a basketball game, farmers market or just a spot where you know that a lot of people will be passing through (like the grocery store). We also recommend a 2-hour slot and doing it with at least one other person – it’s much more fun and you can handle double the people.


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